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Who We Are

We have a vast selection of miniature horses as well as Jerusalem donkeys and we offer something for everyone, as well as every budget. These adorable horses can be just about anything you want them to. They are loving, loyal, and intelligent. Every one of our miniatures is an individual and special in their own unique ways. We are registered with the AMHR, and as a member of the AMHA, we are passionate about producing quality miniatures with superior conformation, fine quality and spectacular presence.

We do not in any way condone the use or practice of altering the confirmation of our minis. Our mission is to strive to provide the right horse for the true miniature horse lover. With over 50 years of experience in miniature horse breeding and care, we offer elegance, refinement, and quality selection. We are currently working on a new program to train therapy/guide horses as well.

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