About Us

Al-Ken Stables, based in Andalusia, Alabama, breeds, raises, and maintains a large herd of 175 miniature horses. We have never had a problem with any of our horses, nor have we had a customer complain about one of our mini horses misbehaving. Clients love our miniature horses because of our massive selection and the horses’ friendly dispositions.

Providing Happiness One Hoof at a Time

Our miniature horses bring joy to anyone who interacts with them. We have provided mini horses to various charities, children’s hospitals, and mental health facilities across the state. By visiting these locations, our miniature horses have supplied happiness and wonder to countless children and handicapped individuals.

Forever Friends

Let us help you to find your new friend today. We start training our minis at as early as a few weeks, and they receive human companionship daily. We are with these minis from the time they are born, so thy are completely comfortable with human contact. Our horses will exceed your expectations; we offer paints, solids, appaloosa, and more. We offer educational opportunities, and donate time and companionship with our horses to many local schools, nursing homes, and children’s hospitals. We also donate time and horses to the Forever Reins organization for Autistic Children, located in Opp, Alabama. Whether you have an interest in breeding, showing, recreational, or just companionship, we have something for everyone. The miniature horse breed can be dated back to the early 1700′s, when they were bred for the royal European families. The earliest use for them in the United States was in the coal mines of West Virginia. Highly intelligent and eager for structured routine, they will steal your heart.